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Recently I interviewed a group of you about your satisfaction with your work + money.

You told me your idea of work$life paradise...and the reasons it was out of reach.

I decided to offer a webinar series based on what you told me.

(Thanks for your participation. There's a link to the class below.)

Here's what you said:

Your money isn't where you would have liked.

Or at least you're not earning it the way you want to.

You dream of a little less boredom, a lot more soul.

It's time to enter a flow of meaning and joy. 

You're thinking of changing careers, working for yourself, or

"starting" to think about what you'll do in retirement.

You hear the whisper of "There won't be enough."

You have learned to feel abundant, grateful for what you have

but wonder: is it really that wrong to wish for more?

more money more leisure more peace of mind

For some of you, living and working like this, on autopilot...uninspired...

maybe disillusioned...has started to affect your health. You feel achy and low-energy,

have minor medical issues that you are worried will progress...



They are my inspiration for my next phase of life. 
My mom loved flamingos, and when
I see them I remember her, and her
message of innocent, free-spirited joy.

They love groups of their funny-feathered friends.

Yet they aren't afraid to stand out in a crowd.

They shine their healing pink light into the world. They don't have to try!

They've never even heard of a heart chakra, loving-kindness, or mindfulness. 

They are natural avatars of balance, bliss, lightheartedness, and fun!

What's your inspiration?

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