I don't believe in "no pain no gain," not for massage, anyways.

Did you know?

Research* agrees with what I've felt for years:

adding more pain stresses the nervous system

instead of initiating the relaxation response,

which is the healing response.

So no, there's no butt-kicking here. 

This is what I DO do:

melty massage or reiki sessions, 

that magically unwind every pain point,

but do not hurt. 

Choose jasmine, geranium, any essential oil you like, 

CBD oil at no extra charge,

and plenty of time for your consult and check out.

You can add-on reiki/acupressure, mini eft session, or problem-specific massage.


known as EFT or tapping

When we feel stress, what's happening is that our nervous system is moving into the "fight or flight" response. Our breathing is shallow. Worried thoughts run through our heads.

We feel scattered and unproductive, overwhelmed, anxious, low energy, or a little down.

EFT is an evidence-based bodymind technique known to shut down the stress response. It can work quickly so you can get out of your head and regain your productivity, creativity, and joy. Come tell me what's on your mind and I'll show you how to tap it out.

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