If anyone had ever told me I was going to be a Work/Life coach,

they would have received a serious eye-roll. I'm a healer-type that's horrible with business and numbers.

However, for 20+ years I’ve watched people dragging themselves in for massage,

just making it through the day. They just wanted to keep afloat, pay the bills,

maybe have work they didn't hate. Never mind “coming alive.”

As a massage therapist. I thought that if they stretched their necks they’d feel better.

I didn’t know how to help them stretch their outlook.

By some fluke, I came across Tapping Into Wealth, a book and webinars,

created by Margaret Lynch Raniere. I went through her unique, bodymind process

of uncovering past situations that caused,

(and were still causing!) a drain on my energy. My pain lifted, my spirits lifted,

and I KNEW I had to share this with others.

I told you the story about my Gram.

I would like to say I naturally went after my dreams like she did,

churning out goal after goal without batting an eye. Nope. I have done what I wanted,

but not without plenty of wandering first, lost in self-doubt, loneliness, and fear.

From the quote on my home page, I'd like to offer you that "soulful kinship." I'd like the chance to guide you into and out of the wandering. I want you to lose the self doubt and step into your next evolution. 

I'd love to witness you clearing up your money and work. To set and reach an Outrageous Goal!

Now I love coaching! It goes perfectly with wellness, self-care, and healing.

Massage for the body, reiki for the spirit, and coaching for the mindset.

I have finally reached the paradise of livelihoods! I want that for you, too!

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